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Traffic Spikes Secure Lane

3220 S DODGE BLVD #8
TUCSON, AZ 85713
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Phone: (520)780-9751
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Distributor for Magnetic Auto Control Barrier Gate Operators, Door King Barrier Gates, Door King Automated Spikes, Door King Traffic Spikes, Road Blade Directional Tire Spikes, 2 Sided Reflective Warning Signs for One Way Tire Spikes, BD Loops Brand Vehicle Detection Loops, Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps, Recycled Rubber Speed Humps, Recycled Rubber Car Stops and Vehicle Access Control Products.

What are those severe damage spikes in parking lots called? Directional Traffic Control Spikes are known by many names, such as Traffic Spikes, Drive Way Tire Spikes, Tiger Teeth, Tire Spikes, Road Blockers, One Way Traffic Spikes, Parking Lot Spikes, Severe Tire Damage Spikes, Do Not Back Up Spikes, Spike Strips, Tire Killers, Tire Rippers, Tire Shredders, Motorized Traffic Spikes, Directional Traffic Control Spikes, RoadBlade Tire Shredder, Spike Barriers, Tyre Killers, Tiger Teeth, Road Blades, Vehicle Blockers, Tire Spikes, Road Spikes, Parking Lot Tire Spikes, Do Not Back Up Spikes, Do Not Enter Spikes, Tire Poppers, One Way Teeth,and many, many more.

Directional Traffic Control Vehicle Spikes are the best way to enforce and secure a one way traffic lane!